Celebrated Artist/Photographer/Director Hugh Stewart was commissioned by our friends at WhiteGrey to shoot Westfield's Autumn/Winter 2022 stills and motion campaign. The brief, that home is your happy place, centres around an eclectic, extended family at the holiday home they return to each year.

Stewart, the OG storyteller, insisted that the images reflect the chaos, fun and frivolity that abounds on a family holiday. The scenes unfold five days in when everything is slightly fraying at the edges and everyone escapes at various intervals to do their own thing.

Drawing on his own recent experience on holidays it was imperative to Hugh that every detail, from the casting, location, to the props and wardrobe, help tell the story. We cast a motley crew of real families, friends, relatives and actors. The combination of this wonderful fusion can be seen in this gorgeous campaign, where the latest stunning Autumn/Winter trends inspire a wardrobe update.

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