Photographer/Director Rob Palmer and Food Stylist Emma Knowles teamed up to produce some heavenly

Artist Jem Cresswell has been swimming with sharks & has come out of the water with this beautiful collection of images titled APEX.⁠

Better known as The Great White Shark, Carcharodon Carcharias is the largest predatory fish in the world. A magnificent, maligned and greatly misunderstood creature whose existence is vital to the health and balance of our ocean ecosystems.

The first time I saw a Great White Shark underwater, it wasn’t fear that dominated my mind. I was awestruck by the shark’s raw beauty. The ease with which the torpedo-like frame glided through the water, propelling its gunmetal body effortlessly onward while the white underside blended into the water column, was a display of otherworldly grace. At the same time, it could appear dominant, aloof, or even comical, depending upon the angle of its jaw.

Its body language and the way it observed me as it passed by left me with an impression of an animal possessing a far greater intelligence than the singular ferocity of its popular representations.

This collection of black and white portraits showcases some of the unique shapes, markings and characteristics that differentiate these complex, warm-blooded creatures.

*No burley or bait was used to capture these images.