No your eyes are not deceiving you... KFC Degustation! Think all the deliciousness of the Colonel's original herbs and spices combined with the prowess of Chef Nelly Robinson translated visually by Artist Rob Palmer and you've got a feast for all the senses.

We had such a hard time keeping this to ourselves for so long, having been briefed on this before second Sydney lockdown by our friends at Ogilvy we couldn't wait to shoot this epic brief. When we finally got the chance it really was an awesome day shooting the incredibly beautiful creations by Nelly and working with an all-star team, it was a shoot to remember. Now if only we could score an invite to the eleven course degustation event...

For now we'll have to lick the screen.

Chocolate Mousse dipped in nitrogen
Twister Sister – pearl barley risotto, sun-dried tomato, pumpkin and obvi Chicken Tenders
Tongue Twister – the only time you'll be encouraged to pick up your plate and lick off the Colonel’s face to relish the flavours of – Kentucky Fried Chicken, tomato, lettuce and Pepper Mayo
 Supercharged Wings – Cooked over a bed of charcoal, these are not only supercharged but beautifully charred wings
Popcorn Chicken – It’s the Popcorn Chicken our fans know and love paired with celeriac soup, mushroom gnocchi and basil topped off with an edible floral garnish
Potato and Gravy – but not as you know it! Watch the gravy candle (yes, that’s right!) melt and dip your potato bun into the “wax”
La Di Da Drumstick (aka Fried Gold) – The iconic Original Recipe drumstick dusted with quinoa and gold ‘coz WHY NOT?